Jack Cote Photography

Choosing a Photographer There are many different styles of photography. Most photographers have a very distinct style and approach to their art. I approach my photography with an ever evolving artistic eye - always looking for interesting angles, bold or subtle colors, new compositions, inspiring locations and cool creative techniques. For me, every session is a creative journey from the moment I meet you until the last frame. It's very important to make sure that my style fits what you are looking for - the best way to determine this is to spend some time looking through my galleries.

  • Payment - Please be prepared to pay with PayPal or online through my website. It is NOT necessary to have a PayPal account to pay through PayPal.
  • Sports - Payment is required at the time you place your order.
  • Portrait Sittings - I require that your session fee be paid at the time of booking your session. This is non-refundable fee that secures your session date and time. If you need to reschedule you MUST reschedule within 24 hours of scheduling your appointment or forfeit your sitting fee. You may pay by check but please note - I do not confirm your reservation until I have received payment. Payent IN-FULL is required at the time you place your print order.

About Your Session - What to Expect

To have fun! To laugh! To show off your beautiful self! To be silly (oh wait, that's for me!), to be bold, to be sophisticated, to just be YOU! I think beautiful photos should come with beautiful memories, don't you?

Working with Children

The key word here (and anywhere) is fun. Photo sessions should always be fun, but never is it more important than when working with children. For your session, plan a time that best fits your child's schedule, dress them in bright colored clothes, bring a favorite toy(s) or accessory and be prepared to just let them be themselves. It's okay if your kids are rowdy, it's okay if they are shy, it's okay if they are cranky (it usually doesn't last long), it's okay if they are silly - I love it all! And remember, we all love smiles and clean faces but ultimately, the photos that will bring the most joy to your heart years from now are those that reflect the true spirit of your child at this point in their lives.

What Goes Into an Image

A lot of time, love and care! I treat your images like they're my own - treasured moments bringing joy to your family and future generations.
After your session, I download and backup your images. I then begin the process of carefully editing each image. This is a detailed process that can take several hours depending on the type of session you had. Once I have edited all your photos, they are once again backed up on an external drive and disc. From there, I create your Slideshow and Online Proofing Gallery and send you the link. But we're not done...once you place your order, and I receive your prints, I carefully inspect them before packaging and turning them over to you!
I expect the best, so I give the best...of myself - my talent, expertise and time - in your session, in editing your photos, in presenting the final product.